The 34th

Grandmother’s “boys” in the 34th weren’t just famous in her eyes. The 34th Infantry Division was the first to be deployed to WWII Europe and scores of publications, organizations, and websites dedicated to the 34th (then and now) exist today.

Above are two photographs from Thanksgiving 1942 at a hotel “somewhere in Ireland,” as well as photos of three Division members: Bob Kelsey, Clayton White, and “Jonesy.”

The 34th famously fought in Algiers. The following postcards are from, as Clayton calls it, “somewhere in northern Africa.”

This perhaps will give you an idea of what it’s like here. Of all the postcards I saw, I think this one shows you a true picture of the way and where these native A[?] live. Of course, you realize this isn’t the way the higher class French live. Well, you must write me soon. Tell me what you think of the postcards.
Yours, PFC. Clayton E. White
Hq. Btry. Div. Arty., A.P.O. #34 New York

March 3rd, 1943
Dear Adele,
Had an opportunity to visit this city. There are a great many things to do, that is if a person can speak French. The sights are beautiful. We had a good meal for a change. The weather is nice at times, and rainy other times.
Love, Wittie Clements

Somewhere in Northern Africa
Here’s another one. This is the way it really is. Believe me, this picture doesn’t give you the colors there are. It’s a pretty poor print, however I think you can get [?] of what the towns are like. Write soon. Hope you like the card.
Yours, PFC. Clayton E. White (20712832)
Hq. Btry. Div. Arty., A.P.O. #34 New York


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